Top 12 Online Wine Stores In The UK

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Top 12 Online Wine Stores In The UK

The rise in the living standards of people and inclination of people towards a luxurious life strengthens the sales of wines. Additionally, wine is also considered as a symbol of status upliftment and people often associate wine as a luxurious beverage. This post highlight top 12 online wine stores in the UK.

Furthermore, the wine business is not only confined to in-store supplies. It has diversified and with the onset of technology, online wine stores have come in the picture. Since consumers want rich quality wines and that too at low cost, so the online wine stores provide better utility to the consumers. In this post, we will cover the top online wine stores in the UK

Top 12 Online Wine Stores In The UK

1. Winebuyers

Wine Buyers work hard to connect vineyards, wineries and merchants directly with wine lovers. It was founded by serial entrepreneur Ben Revell, 29, to combine his two passions – wine and technology.

Using custom-built technology, the site instantly integrates with producer websites for automated real-time stock updates – essentially acting as a shop front for businesses which wouldn’t be able to sell internationally.

2. Majestic Wine

Majestic re-launched its website in 2016, adding a host of new features including a more personalised journey and a subscription model.

The shopping experience is now unusually intuitive and allows you to browse your full spectrum of preferences (grapes, regions, price points, general tastes, etc). The site proves especially useful for those looking to branch out from their everyday varietal.

3. Naked Wines

This decade-old digital wine retailer does things differently. Rather than simply acting as a shopfront, Naked Wines asks its customers (or self-described ‘Angels’) to invest £20 into their online piggy banks each month to crowd-fund independent winemakers around the world. 

In return, customers can spend their ‘investment’ on unique wines at wholesale prices.

4. Wanderlust Wine

Wanderlust Wine imports sustainable wines (all organically farmed, organic or biodynamically certified) from lesser known producers around the world.

The company was founded by banker-turned-master sommelier Richard Ellison, who saw a gap in the market as an opportunity to turn wine fanaticism into a career.  Since then, his wine-filled web space has turned into something of a love letter to the winemakers themselves.

Rather than simply listing a bottle’s tasting notes, Wanderlust shares the producer’s respective story and sustainability scope to further inform their customers.

5. Berry Bros & Rudd

Berry Bros & Rudd might not be your first choice for online wine shops – but it is far more than Britain’s oldest wine and spirits merchant. 

BBR’s digital offering is a clear priority for the 321 year-old business as its seemingly endless list of show-stoppers are regularly updated, rated and offered at fantastic case prices you won’t find anywhere else.

As a point of difference, there is also an astonishing amount of content and research available for wine lovers looking to learn more throughout their buying process.

6. Virgin Wines

Virgin Wines is actually independently owned (simply licensed to use the Virgin brand) and regularly team up with talented winemakers to create exclusive and unique bottlings for its members, rather than acting simply as a wine shop or subscription service.

Of the many different wine clubs it offers, its WineBank (which gives you free next day delivery on every order as well as £1 for every £5 you load into your account) offers incredible value for any kind of wine buyer.

Though the business has been popularised by its mixed-case discounts, Virgin Wines’ range comprises over 500 boutique bottles  at any one time and its 200-strong vegan selection is one of the largest available anywhere online.

7. Laithwaite’s Wine

Since 1969, Tony Laithwaite’s eponymous wine business has grown to become the UK’s largest home-delivery wine merchant yet remains family owned, still gives pride of place to smaller producers, and truly usurps the price points promoted by competition.

8. Honest Grapes

The team at Honest Grapes are particularly good at bringing the story behind the bottle to life. With super helpful food and wine pairings and a friendly line-up of “wine gurus” ready and waiting to give personalised advice, you’ll be able to find the perfect bottle whether you’re just looking for something to go with tonight’s dinner or are a high-end collector.

If you still don’t know where to start we’d head to the Sommelier Selection – a list of 120 great wines, more like a carefully considered list from your favourite restaurant.

9. Forest Wines

This independent local wine shop, based in Walthamstow, east London, has a beautifully tactile online offer that manages to convey all the community spirit found in the IRL experience.

Specialising in organic, biodynamic and natural low intervention wine alongside local craft beers and a small selection of spirits, Forest Wines is run by a dedicated husband and wife team who are passionate about connecting you with the perfect bottle for every occasion.

Reporting huge growth in orange wines this summer, their beautifully curated edits currently include “local wines” where they’ve rounded up the best English drops and “best under £15” where you’ll find excellent value.

10. Gnarly Vines

Gnarly Vines had set up its online shop, weeks before lockdown hit. Since then it has seen orders come in from all across the country, with the small team able to deliver anywhere on the UK mainland in two working days which is free for all orders over £50.

In terms of what it sells, it’s definitely at the more natural end of the spectrum with the vast majority of the wines made by smaller producers who work organically or biodynamically in the vineyard and bottle their wines unfiltered, (making them suitable for vegans) with little or no added sulphur. 

Within this, it has developed a particular specialty with orange or skin contact wines and also pet nats which have proved really popular on the site since it launched. Helpful categories include “wines under £15” and “gnarly top picks”.

11. The Finest Bubble

The Finest Bubble now stocks more than 500 sparkly little numbers, with non-vintages starting at £29 a bottle. If you live in London, they’ll deliver your emergency bubbles by bike within two hours and for those living outside of the city, you’ll only have to wait until the next day.

Covering grower champagnes, blanc de blanc and limited edition cases, you’ll find all the big names alongside some hidden gems which might just become your new go-to. It has even snuck in a section dedicated solely to the best home-grown UK fizz. Keep your eyes peeled for regular (presently virtual) tastings where topics have included the lowdown on zero dosage and often feature special guests.

12. Borough Wines

Perhaps most well known for their environmentally friendly, refillable wine on tap, this independent wine merchant has successfully translated the in-store experience to online. There’s an extensive collection of mixed cases geared up for everyday situations.

These are the top 12 online wine store in the UK, from when you can easily purchase wine online. check them before you buy wines only for great deals.

If you are looking to start online wine store or want to take your local wine shop online, Get in touch with us Let’s work together to scale and grow your wine store.

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