12 Best Web Development IDE in 2020

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Nowadays, everything is web-based. Every business, eCommerce enterprise, or e-store, they all have to be backed by a robust and sturdy backend web design. For this purpose, you have to have the right kind of best web development IDE – integrated development environment. IDE is an integrated development environment that enables you to host, analyze, and manage your website and applications that come along with it.

Guide to On-Demand App Development

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Every business thrives on fulfilling customer demands. With new technologies being introduced each day, it has been becoming easier to accomplish this. The on demand apps economy is on the rise. It allows customers to avail the services they want anytime, anywhere. No wonder, it’s popularity is rising day by day. On that note, here is a complete guide to on demand app development. So, let’s dive into the details.

13 Predictions For the Future of Virtual Reality (VR) by Experts

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Virtual Reality is believed by many to be a ‘platform for tomorrow’ with huge potential. However, there are some who also believe that it is leading us into a dystopian future that is cut off from the real world.

When people doubted the future of VR, Mark Zuckerberg replied by saying that in the beginning people often tend to worry when new technology is introduced, however, if you could socially understand each other better using technology, then you will probably benefit from it in the long run.

Considering the huge number of debates going on over this, Virtual Reality is certainly one of the hottest topics for technology nowadays. Hence, we have put together the opinions of 13 VR experts.

7 Things to Consider Before Developing a Hybrid Mobile App

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With the Digital Era taking the world by a storm, every individual has become too dependent on technology, be it for shopping, banking, communicating, etc. Gone are the days when people would often step out of their house to get things done. The Digital Revolution makes it easier for everyone to get things done just at the click of a few buttons sitting at home or work-place.

People prefer accessing the Mobile App rather than accessing the website on the desktop. Consequently, what you now have is a plethora of Mobile Applications almost for every single thing you can possibly imagine – one can find a large number of Mobile Applications on Google Play Store as well as on Apple iTunes Store. This has led to too many people inclined towards developing Mobile Apps, notably Hybrid Mobile Apps.

Top App Ideas for 2020: Good Ideas for App Startups

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Currently, there are an estimated 3.3 million apps on Google Play Store and over 2.2 million iOS apps on App Store. (Source), making a total of over 5.5 million apps on the two most popular platforms.

Some of the most simple app ideas have converted into multi-million dollar businesses: Instagram, WhatsApp, Tinder, Uber… the list reads like the who’s who of the digital corporate world.

If you’re considering getting an app built, it’s the right thing to do and this is the right time to do it. Here’s a list of the top mobile app ideas for 2020:

Magento 2 System Requirements

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Magento 2 requirements
Magento 2 includes a wide range of enhancements such as a user-friendly design, efficient performance, streamlined purchases and bug fixes. We would highly recommend that you make sure that your Magento installation is up to date so that you can utilize the benefits of the latest enhancements. The system requirements will come with the necessary software to run the Magento application, supported web browsers, and all the necessary requirements needed to connect with the Magento software repository and Paypal in a secure manner.

The Best Grocery Shopping Apps In 2019

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There has never been a more exciting time to build a mobile app. From grocery apps to taxi aggregator apps to hotel bookings apps, people have found a great deal of value in these apps.

Apps have become so ubiquitous it’s pretty much impossible to find someone whose smartphone doesn’t have at least a few apps that they use on a regular – or even daily – basis.

And the best part is that the marketers, with the help of mobile app development companies, have begun building and offering some fantastic apps. Education, training, fitness, food, schedulers, shopping… you name it, there’s an awesome app for that.

Meet Us At Magento Imagine 2019

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For different people there are different reasons to attend Imagine 2019, Adobe Magento’s big event. From learning to getting inspired to exploring new possibilities to networking, there’s no shortage of reasons to attend.

And, not surprisingly, the event manages to ensure everyone who’s there will find their objectives have been more than met.

As the super-cool ecommerce conference of the year, hosted a the Wynn Resort, Las Vegas this year, Imagine 2019 will bring together people who shape things and people who aspire, people who have mastered a thing or two and people who are ready to take things to the next level. And we’re going to be there too, happy to shake hands and share and learn stuff that can improve customer experience and make buying and selling something really pleasant!

There’s no denying that Gary Vaynerchuk of VaynerMedia as the Keynote Speaker is a strong reason to be there at the event. But hey, there’s a lot, lot more too!

So what’s up?


But first the fun part! You can begin with the Big Dam Race on 12 May 2019 to tour the Hoover Dam. As the event unfolds into the main programs, you will get to listen to some of the finest speakers talk on subjects they are really, really good at.

Top Magento executives will take up insightful data for Magento Business Intelligence. There will be labs to get hands on with Magento Page Builder. There will be Certification Exams. There will be Breakout Sessions on topics as varied as The Personalization Spectrum, Lessons in Luxury Ecommerce or How Interior Design leveraged logistics.

Looking for something more exclusive? You can explore Invitation Only events Like Rob Long from PayPal and others talking about improving mobile experience or Magento Commerce 2 Migration Strategy.

And most certainly, we’ll all be looking forward to learning about Adobe’s vision on taking Magento forward!

Basically, you will find every single way in which your peers and industry experts are unraveling the customer challenge of the ecommerce age!

Let’s connect!

Of course we’ll be there with our people who swear by Magento! We’d sure love to say hi to you and figure out how we can help each other. Like we can help you drastically improve customer engagement and help you build lasting customer relationships in the digital space. What’s it that you can ace?

So if you’re going to be at the event – Let’s fix up a time to meet right away so that we don’t have to juggle our calendars at the last minute! Schedule a meeting right now!

And if we know each other through Twitter or LinkedIn, there’d be one more reason to meet in person too!

We’re sure keen to meet old friends and make new ones!

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Low Magento Conversion Rates? 9 Questions that Would Help You Propel Your Store Conversion

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When it comes to increasing conversions of an online store, big retailers have money and brand recognition. Smaller ecommerce sites have to focus on more down-to-earth tactics.

Here are 9 key questions that would put your store in the right direction :

The Best Pharmacy Apps for 2019

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When you can buy almost everything online, there’s no reason why you can’t buy medicines online. The steady growth in the number of apps to purchase medicine online shows how online businesses are adding convenience and comfort in one more area.