7 Ways Startups Are Getting Creative With Cannabis. Is One of These Segments for You?

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7 Ways Startups Are Getting Creative With Cannabis. Is One of These Segments for You?

Why is there so much excitement for cannabis? Why the sudden rush to discover the varied uses of cannabis? How are companies getting creative with cannabis? These are some of the questions that come to our mind when we think of cannabis. 

About half of the states in the US have permitted the recreational use of cannabis. Canada became the 2nd country to fully legalize the recreational use of cannabis a little over an year back, Uruguay being the first. Other countries like South Africa and Israel have either decriminalized it or are on the way to do so.

Naturally, there’s enough reason for the cannabis industry to be on a new high.

With all this, one thing is sure: smoking will no longer be the only way people consume or use marijuana. From simple edibles to purely industrial use, the applications of cannabis are exploding. In fact, the Pennsylvania State University optimistically notes the varied and versatile use of hemp.

Here are 7 ways to get creative with cannabis (may be one or more might strike a chord with your company):

1. Beverages

Form of Use: Drinking

Details: While cannabis is often associated with smoking, the idea here is to consume it through beer and cocktails. Beer brewed with barley, could be infused with marijuana oil or could be brewed from the stem and roots of the cannabis plant. The Guardian reports the marijuana-related products and services industry could be eventually worth $12 billion onwards.

The enthusiasm for cannabis drinks can be gauged by the fact that there’s going to be a Cannabis Drinks Expo in San Francisco in July 2021. Such marijuana-infused drinks won’t have Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). THC is psychoactive and in most countries its usage is restricted for medicinal purposes.

Who’s doing it: Province Brands, Toronto, Canada.

2. Building Material

Form of Use: Construction Material

Details: In the US, the first house made from hemp-based material dates back to 2010. Hemp being strong, it’s not surprising that it’s easily used in various forms for building construction. It can be easily converted to fiberboard and flooring material as well as into bricks, pipes and even something called hempcrete (typically a mixture of hemp stock, water and limestone).

Hemp oil, on the other hand, is found to be very useful for natural wood sealants and paints. It is naturally pollutant free, dries quickly and penetrates deeply into wood to provide much better protection to wood. And of course, one of the major benefits is such material is environment friendly and continues absorbing CO2 throughout its entire life.

Who’s doing it: Realhemp

3. Clothing

Form of Use: Textiles

Details: Hemp is light-weight and contains antimicrobial properties. The use of hemp for rope as well as textiles isn’t new, but with the increasing understanding of its properties, hemp is getting into mainstream clothing now. Its property of absorbing and releasing perspiration makes it a great choice for tropical and outdoor wear too.

Due to its high absorbency levels, hemp is combined with cotton for making diapers as well. Because hemp itself consumes minimal resources for growth, hemp clothing is also popular for being eco-friendly and a green textile. For the person wearing it, perhaps the best part is that hemp clothing grows softer every wash.Who’s doing it: Kelly’s Closet, Bhusattva India

4. Cookies

Form of Use: Eatery

Details: Just Google marijuana cookies and you’ll see hundreds of sites and marijuana apps offering you grandma’s recipes for weed cookies. That shows how popular and commonly used weed has been in eatables since quite some time. Baked hemp foods emit a mild, pleasant cannabis smell and often have a greenish tinge but otherwise are not distinguishable from other baked foods. While used in India since centuries, in the US use of hemp in direct edibles is mostly attributed to Alice B Toklas Cookbook.

Other cookie-cousin foods include brownies, cakes and pastries.

Who’s doing it: CannabisCare, Goodship

 5. Cosmetics

Form of Use: External

Details: Earlier this year, Independent listed 10 best cannabis beauty products. From day creams to shampoos to facewash to liquid soap to hand wash… the list stretched almost to cover everything to do with beauty and sanitization. Its grassy aroma leaves a pleasant smell while its natural oil contents uniquely ensure the skin retains its oil balance without turning the skin too dry or too oily. 

Who’s doing it: The Body Shop

6. Energy Drink

Form of Use: Drink

Details: The energy-drink market in the US alone is worth US $ 2.8 billion, and has been growing. Naturally, there’s room for cannabis-derived energy drinks. When manufactured right, the cannabis energy drink can supply enough vitamins and energy to help you shed fatigue. Extracted from hemp seeds (and with no THC), cannabis energy drink can also be manufactured with a light version, which’d be low on the calorie side.  A cannabis delivery app development company can help you develop an online store to market you cannabis products.

Such energy drinks have acceptable levels of caffeine and a sweetened taste to appeal to the taste buds.

Who’s doing it: Canna Hemp Energy

7. Soil conservation

Form of Use: Agriculture

Details: Industrial hemp has the unique capacity of pulling dangerous heavy metal from soil – one of the major strengths of hemp when it comes to agriculture. The Iowa Hemp Association states “it’s cheaper and more effective in cleansing the soil.” It also notes hemp has another unique ability – fully grown hemp can actually return nutrients to soil, its falling leaves especially good at enriching the nitrogen levels of soil.

Not just that, hemp can actually fight the damage of soil erosion, aerate soil and help crop rotation for farmers.

Who’s doing it: GoodEarth Resources PTY Limited has published a paper on this topic.

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