Top 8 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2020

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Top 8 Web Development Trends to Follow in 2020

In an era of booming web and increasing internet usage, development trends keep evolving. For developers to stay ahead and at the top of the game, it is important to stay updated about these trends. On that note, let’s take a look at the top 8 web development trends for 2020.

  1. Artificial Intelligence

    Almost all the modern developments have the influence of AI on them to some extent. For instance, chatbots. Most service providers have turned to bots to help them with customer care. The programming is such that they are able to resolve general user queries with ease. The era of robots is in full swing. Different companies have started to leverage the benefits of deploying the services of AI in their user interface. Unlike popular opinion, AI is not here to snatch jobs away from people. It’s here to complement their skills and drive human focus from monotonous jobs to innovative development.
  2. Progressive Web Apps

    As a result of using HTML5 and internet evolution, Progressive Web Apps have gained momentum. They can provide users with the experience of a native app without installing one. Even though they are merely websites or web pages, the level of user satisfaction is higher. For instance, Flipkart has experienced a huge rise in the conversion rates after adopting the PWA idea. Regardless of the device or the platform users are using, PWAs give a native app-like experience and it’s flawless!
  3. IoT

    Gone are the days when you had to enter a hot room and wait for the air conditioner to cool your environment for 5-10 minutes. Now, with IoT and the rise of smart homes, you can switch it on with the help of your smartphones before you even enter your home. This is just one of the many implementations of IoT and how it makes the lives of the common masses easier. The center concept for Internet of Things circles around web development services and it’s a trend that is gaining a lot of hype lately.
  4. Blockchain Technology

    Going cashless is the latest trend and online payment methods have taken over the world by storm. But one technology that takes the barter system to a whole new level is Blockchain. According to estimates, the prolific web industry is likely to witness a massive transformation. Since it’s an upcoming technology, there is still a lot to achieve in the development area. For instance, since there is a lot of sensitive information involved, protection of user data is a must.

  5. Static site generators

    Better interactivity is the key to improving the performance of a business. Motion design is one such technology that can help in achieving a better overall business interaction. However, developing such sites can require a developer to develop different skills and it can take a lot of time. In this case, making static web pages can come in handy. Hugo and Jekyll are some web development tools that developers can use as static site generators. It can help you create a website in less than 24 hours.
  6. Single Page Application

    If there is one thing that’s conquering the digital world today, it’s a single page application. Some simplified illustrations of this development trend include Facebook, Gmail, and Github. It eliminates the requirement to load every single webpage. Instead, it uses Javascript to load all the content. Since the waiting time is less, the number of users increases. Moreover, they don’t abandon a site in the middle. The technology renders the web pages directly into the browser of the user. The application is the best way to develop sites requiring a high level of responsiveness.
  7. Javascript

    The list of the latest web development trends is incomplete without the mention of Javascript. When we speak of the development of dynamic web apps, Javascript is the first thing that comes to mind. Just like Java came into its true form for Android app development, Javascript is a technology for the development of dynamic apps. Even though it’s not in full swing now, with the upcoming new frameworks and libraries, Javascript is likely to strengthen.
  8. Adaptability and saturation

    : Even though functionality, performance, and simplicity are the pillars on which web development rests, they are not the only factors that matter. But how about expanding the boundaries and adding impressive elements without compromising the quality? More visuals like animations and images increase a site’s interactivity. The content looks aesthetically pleasing on any device or platform. The expectations of humankind will never cease to exist. But with endless innovations in the web development industry, new frameworks will keep coming up to fuel these demands. These web development trends are estimated to change the way we live our lives in the near future. Technology has already transformed our lifestyles for the better. But more advancement is yet to come!


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