15 Profitable Wine Business Ideas You Can Start Today!

Do you know it is possible to earn money while being a wine lover or “oenophile”? YES, that’s true. All you need is proper guidance, and that is the reason you are here on this page about the wine business ideas.

So, are you someone who is looking to start a new journey as a winery business entrepreneur? Or someone who is starting another venture to quench the thirst of following a passion? Whoever you are, we got you covered.

The wine industry is broad. There are many career opportunities in the wine business industry, but very few are known. With the wine, you can create a business earning from thousands of dollars to millions or billions of dollars. If you are planning to start your own wine business, this is a perfect time.

Here in this article, we have mentioned the 15 best wine business ideas or opportunities that will help you out. Don’t worry, you won’t get overwhelmed. These all ideas are different, so select the one that matches your expectations and requirements.

15 Different Wine Business Opportunities: Wine Business Ideas

1. Wine Taster

When you become a wine taster, it is like you are approving the wine that is best for the customers. Undoubtedly, you will need to have expert knowledge about wines for this one. A wine taster is someone who tastes, analyzes, and gives feedback about the wine. 

Many winery businesses hire wine tasters or outsource for the same to produce flawless wine. You can either secure a job as a wine taster or start your own wine tasting business.

2. Wine Producer

This is one of the most popular wine business ideas in the industry. If you have enough funds, start a wine manufacturing company. You can be a wine producer, outsource the wine grapes from vineyards, design the best wine with different and suitable ingredients, then sell them to wholesalers or retailers. 

Wine producing a responsible business, make sure you don’t mess it up. Before you start a winery business, have thorough research on the types of equipment needed to produce a finesse wine.

3. Owner of Vineyard

Leave aside producing or selling wine, buy and own a vineyard. In the vineyard, you can farm different grapes and other fruits used in wine-making. Cultivate and sell them in huge quantities to the big winery businesses for sky-rocketing profits. To own a vineyard you will need a high amount of investment and farming knowledge.

4. Owner of Wine Selling Business

If not producing wine or owning the vineyard, you can always start a wine-selling business. Become a wine merchant, and own a small liquor store. With an investment of as low as $2000, you can start your small liquor store. 

However, be careful about selecting the location. You don’t want to have a business in a locality where there is very little or no demand for wine. Set up your wine business in a high-traffic area, so that you can get the maximum footfall.

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5. Online Wine Store

If you don’t want to invest in a brick-and-mortar store, the online wine business is always an open option. Develop a winery website, upload the products (wine bottles), and market your online store. Wine selling business isn’t limited to physical stores only, you can sell it on an online store as well. You must ensure the delivery system for the on-time delivery of wine.

6. Open a Wine Bar

If you want to be more involved with the wines or wine cocktails, you can open a wine bar or work as a wine tender in a bar. Right now, we are talking about starting a wine business, so let’s go with the wine bar. The wine bar is also a wine retail store, but with the inclusions of an ambiance perfect for relaxing. 

Hire a DJ, add some eateries to the menu (that goes well with the wines), and there you have a perfect wine bar. Keep in mind, you will need government approval to start this kind of wine business.

7. Wine Influencer

Are you a social media geek and a wine lover? Well, then what can be better than being a wine influencer. Be a social media influencer for wines, promote wineries, different wines, vineyards, and much more related to wines. You will get paid to promote someone’s wine business.

8. Wine Tour Guide

Living in an area with many vineyards in your surroundings? Well, then you have a career in being a wine tour guide as well. You can be with one of the vineyards and offer the tour to the wine enthusiast. Or you can also get a chauffeur’s license and drive the wine lovers through different vineyards in the area.

9. Wine Exporter

If you are residing in an area where there are many wine-producing companies, you can choose the wine exporting business as well. You can do a little bit of research about the surrounding areas or the cities, where there are little to no vineyards or makers. After that, get the legal documents cleared and start exporting wines to them.

10. Wine Consultant

Another classy job or role you can take up as a wine lover or enthusiast – Wine Consultant. Now the question is what does he/she do? A wine consultant is someone who advises people, store owners, or wineries on which wines to stock or have. You can provide your service as a freelancer or take up a job at a restaurant, winery, or vineyard.

11. Curate and Sell Wine Gift Baskets

Another great option for starting a wine business is to go for something new and unique. Instead of selling single wine bottles, you can curate wine gift baskets. We all know, be it a date, anniversary, birthday, or any special occasion a wine bottle is always a go-to gift option. 

With your business, you can help them select the best wine basket which will have a bottle of wine, a food item (something that goes with the wine), and a handmade card. Personalization is what people are looking for! Think differently and start a wine gift basket store.

12. Luxury Wine Producer and Seller

If you want to have a wine store business plan that too with wine selling only, then you might like this option as well. Many people are very picky about the wine selection, they will buy a luxury wine bottle only. 

You can either start producing one or sell them after resourcing it. This may include the wine bottles that are made of gold, silver, or studded diamond with aged wine as a content.

13. Start a Wine Magazine

If you are someone who loves drinking wine, educating people about them, or has knowledge of the wine industry, you can start a wine magazine as well.  If you don’t want to go with the paperback magazine, you can also start with the blogging website. 

Here the key is to write about the finesse wines available in different areas, cover the news on the wine industry, take interviews from wine tasters, and many more. This way you will stay close to the wine industry without investing much.

14. Become Wine Educator

If not a magazine, you can also become a wine educator. A wine educator teaches people everything about the wine, from its making to its tasting and pairing. However, to become a wine educator you will have to pass the Certified Wine Educator (CWE) exam. It is a certification that examines the wine knowledge of a person and certifies him/her to educate others about the wine.

15. Produce and Sell Wine Glass And Decanters

Another wine business opportunity that involves the wine industry but not wine selling! What? Yes, you can also manufacture and sell wine accessories which include glasses, decanters, and much more. If not producing, you can always outsource them from wholesalers or manufacturers and start a retail store (physical, online, or both). 

So, Are You Ready to Start Your Own Wine Business?

In this article, you read about 15 different wine business ideas that will help you stay close to your first love – Wine. Also, before starting a wine business keep a few things in mind: get in-depth information about wines, get the legalities cleared, choose a suitable location, and don’t forget about the source of supply. 

Once these things are sorted, you will have a winery business with soaring high profits. If you are planning to start an online winery business, you will need an online storefront, i.e., a winery website. You plan business and leave the wine website development to Infigic. With its years of experience in building successful winery websites, it can help you build a profitable online storefront.

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