eBay Store Design

eBay is so competitive your store doesn’t get a second chance to make a first impression. Shoppers either stop by to shop or ignore you and pass. That’s where our ability to craft elegant, impactful and engaging designs helps you create the magic you’re looking for.


Leading platforms like eBay are so popular it’s easy to be forgotten. You might have some great products to sell but buyers might never give you a second look. The fault lies with dull and uninspiring designs that look no different from the crowd – and there go your hopes of making it big on eBay. There’s no point if your eBay store design looks the same as everyone else’s.

Expert eBay store designers at Infigic can change that drastically. We understand what’s unique about eBay and how that can be leveraged by way of superior designs. Our compelling designs, backed by friendly and intuitive layouts, help you register more revenue than ever before. Right from dynamic catalogues to better search and customer categories, everything is done the way eBay customers would want.

Custom ebay store design process

Understanding the Requirement

Our team understands your require-ment creates a wireframe of the design.

Designing the Store

We create the design elements and send it for approval which is then converted into HTML and set up on server.

Setting Up the Store

Our team sets up the code on your store and give you a walkthrough on making changes in future.



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