Ecommerce Development Services India

A leading ecommerce store was looking for an ecommerce agency for their ecommerce website development with facebook pixel implementation. The ecommerce store development was to sell information products. It was to be hosed on a sub-domain based on categories with conversion tracking of facebook pixel.

Mainly, the use of facebook pixel was to apply it properly to the checkout funnel. In this scenario, checkout after the cart was all one click upsells and the flow looked like "Cart > OTO 1 (One Time Offer / upsell) > OTO 2 > OTO 3 > OTO 4 > final thank you page"

So in that case OTO1-4 can all be a conversion or not a conversion depending on if the customer of ecommerce website development with facebook pixel clicked Yes or No to those One Time Offers.

The facebook pixel had to be implemented dynamically to each OTO page depending on if it is a conversion or not.

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Features of the ecommerce website developed with facebook pixel

  • Facebook conversion was tracked via standard events.
  • Purchase event passed revenue as USD.
  • Purchase event has the SKU passed into the facebook pixel as the content_ids. This is used to create custom or hybrid events if needed.
  • The work of hybrid events was verified as a part of the project.
  • If an OTO page loads and there is no sale, no purchase event was passed to FB pixel.
  • It was also integrated with Google Analytics.
  • FB pixel was deployed via Google Tag Manager.

Used technology stack in the ecommerce website development :

Communication with the client and the in house team was made possible through the following modes:
  • Client – Basecamp, Skype, Email
  • In-house team – Skype, Email
Development tools used during the project development:
  • Code Collaboration – Github and Bitbucket
  • Azure server – Local level implementation of the project

Trello was intensively used from the beginning to maintain the project related files, raising queries, reaching solutions and tracking the progress of the ecommerce development project in india.

There were multiple funnels selling the same products in varying manners. All funnels were properly integrated with facebook pixel and this was handled dynamically.