Ecommerce Store Development

Infigic developed an ecommerce store with the ability to add multiple categories, products and attributes. The ecommerce store was featured with payment gateway to accept all major types of cards and a custom design.

ecommerce Store development

Features of the ecommerce store:

Home page:

  • Featured Logo of the shop.
  • Banners of the product line and offering.
  • Custom theme design and development.
  • Footer design configured with CMS’ pages link.
  • Newsletter to make every customer up-to-date with the offers.
  • Top menu for quick contact.
  • Shortcut to add to cart.

Category page:

  • Different banners for every category page.
  • Layered filters for products.

Product page:

  • Left sidebar for newsletter and support.
  • Add multiple products to the cart.
  • Choose different variants of each product.
  • Cloud zoom to get the exact idea of how the product will look like.

Account and checkout:

  • User registration and login.
  • Shipping method for UK.
  • One page checkout.
  • Stripe payment gateway integration.

Used technology stack in the app development:

Communication with the client and the in house team was made possible through the following modes:
  • Client – Basecamp, Skype, Email
  • In-house team – Skype, Email
Development tools used during the project development:
  • Code Collaboration – Github and Bitbucket
  • Azure server – Local level implementation of the project

Trello was intensively used from the beginning to maintain the project related files, raising queries, reaching solutions and tracking the progress of the ecommerce website development. project .

About Us

Infigic is a leading ecommerce agency. Our team of ecommerce development experts have worked on 100+ projects. Our speciality is developing cutting edge ecommerce applications with intuitive design.