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Fuel Delivery App Development Solutions

Looking to start your on-demand fuel and gas delivery business? We at Infigic provide on-demand fuel delivery app development solutions and services for fuel delivery startups, gas station owners, oil and gas retail companies.

Get your on demand Uber like app for gas and fuel delivery with our fuel delivery app development solution.

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On-Demand Fuel Delivery App Development

Advantages of Fuel Delivery App Development

Listed below are some of the benefits of the Infigic fuel delivery app:

  • Order the fuel to your doorstep easily by just a single tap or by the address search
  • Real time notifications for any order status change
  • Login through Facebook so they don't need to register again
  • Single checkout and orders history for easy ordering

admin dashboard

Get all the information you need at a single place. Identify which are bestsellers and which ones need further promotional efforts. At the click of a button, generate sales reports for periods you wish to analyze.

Be armed with all the data you need and be on the top of things!

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User Registration

Customers can register by entering simple details and begin using the Fuel delivery app.

Select Gas Station

Choose gas stations based on location, timings and more from a beautiful listing.

Order Tracking

Let customers track orders real-time and have alerts keep them informed about the order status.

List Categories

Allow customers to select from the categories of gas stations, based on ratings and other factors.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can make payment in a mode they decide, with a variety of promo codes to choose from.


Using order history, customers can easily reorder without having to reupload preferences.

Schedule Delivery

Allow customers the liberty to select delivery times based on their own convenience.

Takeaway Option

Full freedom for the customer to order and pay online, and choose the offline takeaway option.

Discounts and Offers

Numerous discounts and offers can be built for the customers to always get the best deals.

Manage Profile

Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, notification settings for a better experience.

Reviews and Rating

Based on service, pricing, quality and other factors, customers can leave reviews and ratings.

Help & support

Customers know you are always available in case they need any assistance, anytime, anywhere.


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