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GrocerX - A Grocery app solution

Grocery delivery is the most preferred segment amongst all sectors. Expand your grocery business with Infigic’s grocery app development solution today!

Automate Order Management, Delivery Dispatch, Real-time Delivery Tracking and many more features to scale your grocery business with our customizable grocery app development solution.

grocery mobile app development

Grocery Mobile App Development

Proliferation of smart devices brought a boom in the ecommerce sector. There is an app for every service you can think of. Undoubtedly, online grocery shopping is the fastest growing product category and as per sources it is expected to grow at above average rates for the next few years.

Every user has a grocery app installed in their mobile as online grocery shopping has become a way of life. Online grocery buyers currently skew toward millennials and urban households that are pressed for time and value convenience. Since they are early adopters of new technology online purchasing comes easy to them.

Our grocery mobile app development solution facilitates to target such customers who are constantly on the lookout for interesting and variety of grocery items to buy online.


Infigic, as a grocery delivery app development company, is changing the way people buy groceries online that do all the thinking, processing and management for you. Our grocery mobile app developer designed and developed grocery apps that are straight forward, innovative, user interactive, advanced and yet easy and quick to use.

Infigic Technologies provides on demand grocery app development solutions for grocery delivery startups, grocery chains & grocery aggregators. The ready solutions can also be customized as per your business model.

We are the grocery app development company you can trust. We have built over 100+ mobile apps and look forward to helping you set your online grocery business.

grocery mobile app development

Customizable Grocery App Development for Different Grocery Business Model

Infigic offers standard as well as customizable grocery app development solutions that work best for single grocery store owners, aggregators, wholesalers and direct to consumers business models. We have the capability to undertake complex projects to match up to your business requirements.

Single Store

Sell your store products through App and open up the much used digital channel for sales.

Aggregator Model

Tie-up with multiple grocery stores across cities and manage the business through on demand grocery apps and grow like the instacart business model.

Direct to Consumer

Farm to consumers is the current trend now. Grab the opportunity of reaching directly to the end users through App and scale up.

Key Features of Our On Demand Grocery App Development Solution

Being a reputed on-demand grocery app development company, we developed a grocery app solution which can easily scale as your grocery business grows and expands.

User Registration

Option to register on the App or login through Social Media making it an easy entry to the App.

Manage Delivery Address

The delivery address will be automatically identified with GEO IP or can be manually entered.

Browse Products

Select from a wide range of food and grocery items, each carrying detailed descriptions.

Easy Search

Features like sorting and filters along with appropriate grouping make search easy and quick for the product you are looking for.

Multiple Payment Options

Customers can pay in the mode they choose, with all latest options available.

Add to Cart

Cart available to add products that can be checked out immediately or later.

Schedule Delivery

Allow customers the liberty to select delivery times based on their convenience.


Using order history, make re-ordering easy and swift for your customers.

Order Tracking

Customers track orders real-time and receive alerts that inform them about the order status.

Offers & Discount

Customers get to know and make most of all deals meant for returning or first-time buyers.

Account Setting

Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, notification settings for better user experience.

Rating & Feedback

Let customers leave feedback to improve your sales and service and the overall experience.



  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Grocery Delivery App?
    The grocery app development cost depends on your requirement and needs, It varies from feature to feature. If you’re looking for a ready to go on-demand grocery delivery solution then cost can be minimum, but if you’re looking for a custom solutions then you need to have a good budget. It also depends on the complexity and features that you want to have in your app. Please contact us to know more in detail.
  • How Much Time Will It Take To Develop Grocery Delivery App?
    The development of grocery delivery app depends on various factors like app UI designing, Code development, Admin dashboard, QA testing and deployment.
    The development of grocery delivery and ordering solution depends on the complexity of the app. If you’re looking for custom and unique features then it will increase the development time whereas a simple ready to go grocery delivery solution can be built within 1 to 2 months with basic features.
  • How Grocery Delivery Apps Makes Money?
    It depends on the business model. If you’re a grocery store or grocery chain owner, then grocery delivery app can be a powerful medium to increase your sales and helps grow your grocery store revenue.
    If you’re grocery store aggregators, then you can earn revenue by charging commissions from the partner grocery store owners based on the order placed through grocery delivery platform. You can also earn by delivery fee or convenience charges.The other model can be to charge grocery store owners for paid listings and sponsored ads to offer better reach.
  • How Does Grocery Delivery App Work?
    Grocery delivery app allows your customer to order groceries online at their availability and convenience. The customer gets the groceries delivered at their doorsteps. The grocery delivery and ordering platform helps to increase your sales by building valuable customer base.

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