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Be assured that our skilled teams will bring you a swift, smooth and secure migration to Magento. And get you improved performance and scalability. All delivered with a value-for-money promise.

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What makes Magento 2 special?

Scalability that lets you grow faster

The best part is Magento 2 lets you add capacity when you need it. It empowers you to serve more orders and add products to the cart a great deal faster. Now you can set ambitious targets without having to worry about performance at peak loads. Magento 2 means faster to market than ever before.

Flexibility that keeps things smooth

Its modular architecture gives Magento 2 a unique flexibility with diverse platforms. Magento 2 is crafted to make sure you get operational stretch without any hiccups. Even with varying workloads, your website continues giving a highly optimized performance. Just what you needed to ace sales.

Compatibility to keep up with mobile

The entire range of Magento 2 themes is, by default, responsive. That helps your ecommerce store stay ahead in a market that’s going mobile big time. Magneto 2 has internal APIs for communicating between modules, which translates to a richer experience for visitors. Finally, you’ve cracked the mobile code…

Productivity for improved performance

Magento 2 not only cuts your total cost of ownership but also accommodates upgrades. A better admin panel and faster loading times bring an amazing shopping experience. An almost instant server response time lets visitors browse without waiting. You’ll wonder why you didn’t upgrade to Magento 2 earlier

Agility for business operation excellence

Magento 2 makes routine activities like order and returns management a breeze. The friendly, intuitive interface lets your teams spend more time on business than on the platform. Teams can easily access backend and even make changes – over their mobile devices. Get the advantage of admin on the go

Versatility in the changing scenario

Take the token-based customer authentication, for instance, which was missing in the earlier version. Or the full-page cache extension with community edition, which slashes down time while serving cached websites. And you’ll never have to worry again what might happen when users change from one device to another

Our Magento 2 services

Comprehensive Magento 2 Application

From design to migration to maintenance, you can fully trust the Infigic competence. With an army of experienced Magento 2 professionals, we’re your reliable one-stop, end-to-end ecommerce store solution. We have your back covered….

Magento 2 ecommerce services

You can’t afford to stick to old tools when everyone else is embracing the latest technologies. Infigic deploys Magento 2 so you can stay ahead in the rapidly changing ecommerce industry. Building the digital stores of tomorrow today…

Magento 1 to Magento 2 Data Migration

Infigic ensures data migration with strong security. We follow industry best practices so that you benefit from hassle-free data migration. With us, you get complete zero-loss data migration, without headaches. Upgrade the best way possible…

Magento 2 Design and Development

The robust coding practices of Infigic deliver what Magento 2 is truly about – robust, flawless performance. Infigic makes sure you get the best that Magento 2 has to offer for ecommerce in the modern age. With designs that excite and perform…




Chicsta is a new entrant in the online business of Beauty & Fashion products for the Middle East territory. The website was designed and developed on Magento platform.


Thomassa creates iconic pieces of jwellery for their luxury ecommerce store. Infigic designed a custom magento theme with rich UI/UX for an excellent customer experince.


Motocross is the UK’s premiere Honda outlet for motorcycle spares and accessories. Infigic built an ecommerce platform which helped them scale their online business rapidly.


Finisterre designs products for cold water surfers around the world. The company wanted to be an ecommerce store to sell apparels for men/women which are manufactured by them.

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