Marketplace Website Development

Build a multi-vendor marketplace website. Have a successful platform for multiple sellers who contribute to your growth as they fulfill orders received through your multi-vendor ecommerce website. Get a winning, profitable business going by helping others grow.

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Marketplace Is The Future

Advances in technology have opened up brilliant opportunities, opportunities that minimize business risks and optimize prospects for smoother revenue generation. An online marketplace website can help you overcome traditional business risks like overstocking and heavy inventory by roping in specialized sellers who carry the inventory for you.

A multi vendor marketplace platform allows you to rapidly build a community of sellers who can stock and ship on your behalf. A thoughtfully designed marketplace website software carries every imaginable feature of a regular online store, and a lot more. As the owner of the multi vendor marketplace software, you can decide which seller can enroll on your platform. The seller is then responsible for stocking the inventory of all items they wish to sell.

When a visitor to your multi-vendor marketplace places an order and makes payment, the order is processed through your system and then routed to the particular vendor who can best satisfy this order. That vendor accepts the order, gets item ready and then packages and ships it to the customer. For the transaction, you make a percentage of the sales value on the online marketplace platform as your profit.

Multi Vendor E-commerce Wins Because It

Is easy to operate
Is smooth for your sellers
Is User-friendly for visitors
Keeps you in control
Frees you from inventory worries
Lets you offer a large number of items
Widens your customer base
Creates a win-win for everyone
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Key Features

Simple Seller Enrolment

Let sellers easily enroll on your multi seller marketplace where you can evaluate them and allow them access to your platform to begin business.

Highly Scalable

We will create a marketplace website that is fully scalable so you don’t have to worry about the numbers of sellers you add.

Vendor-Specific URLs

Your no-hassle online marketplace can have the advantage of vendor-specific URLs for better discoverability and better layout.

Fully Customized

Enjoy the power of truly customized online marketplace ecommerce website design to help your brand stand out stronger.

Easy Payment System

Benefit from out simple, bug-free payment system for the best multi vendor marketplace that sets you free to focus on your business.

Vendor Friendly

Partnering vendors won’t find anything easier – with our marketplace development, all it takes is a just a few clicks and they can begin selling!


Latest Projects


Grocery app for a leading convenience store in California to help their customers with a "Mobile app drive-thru" experience.


MYJOOTA app is a custom shoe ecommerce retail compa-ny that supplies shoes to Malaysian military to help the soldiers measure their feet and get the shoes designed as per their feet size.


Motocross is the UK’s premiere Honda outlet for off-road motorcycle spares and accessories. Infigic built an ecommerce platform which helped them scale their online business rapidly.


SWEETIST is an online ordering system for bakeries founded in New York with one remarkable idea that people should have convenient access to all the available great desserts in their city!

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