Mobile App for wholesalers

A leading greece based customer wanted to build their mobile app for their wholesales customers. They were looking for a ecommerce mobile app development company who would help them to build their mobile app for their wholesale business.

The requirement :

The wholesalers app would work like a tool to make orders as fast and comfortable. This would help their client who is interested in making an order, or just want to know if they have availability of a product, and inquire how fast it would take to have it if they order it.

Features of mobile app :

  • Integrated with web based backend to track and maintain inventory purchases.
  • Ability to save the log-in to avoid writing it down every time
  • Integrated with QR codes in the catalog for wholesalers (catalog sales) to help their customers to order by scanning the page catalog and order
  • Ability to order before going to the store, (Quick Order) put the date on which they will collect it at the store
  • Ability to have to find out the size
  • Ability to see the latest arrivals
  • This app needs to be automatically updated from the website so we don’t need to make manually updates
  • Out of stock and back in stock alert

Main Menu Features :

  • Profile
  • Orders
  • Order History
  • Tracking
  • Search
  • Shopping cart
  • NewsFeed

Used technology stack in the Mobile App For Wholsaller

Communication with the client and the in house team was made possible through the following modes:
  • Client – Basecamp, Skype, Email
  • In-house team – Skype, Email
Development tools used during the project development:
  • Code Collaboration – Github and Bitbucket
  • Azure server – Local level implementation of the project

Trello was intensively used from the beginning to maintain the project related files, raising queries, reaching solutions and tracking the progress of the ecommerce web development project in london.


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