Uber For Laundry and Dry Cleaning: Laundry Pickup and Delivery Software for Laundry Business

Take the laundry business online, serve customers better and more profitably

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Laundry Delivery App Development

The on demand laundry business is the perfect solution to the time constraints people live in. Owing to high-pressure jobs and the increased pace of life, there has arose a business segment that takes care of smaller but important needs of people. And people are willing to pay a little extra for a service that saves them time, gives them a great deal of convenience and is available on demand.

The laundry delivery app does all this, and more. Offer regular customers a deal, let them enjoy express delivery or priority service. Solve the pressing problems that your time-deprived customers face and they will remain loyal to you forever. Offer your customers the amazing convenience of pickup and delivery for locations of their choice and they will keep giving you repeat business. The on demand laundry service brings more customers to your business and a clean, shining smile on the face of your customers!

Here’s how you go online better

Help customers always look their best with your on demand laundry app

Covering multiple laundries

Never let go a chance to serve the customer. Keep adding laundries to the platform, cover more neighborhoods and increase your reach.

Better invoicing

Use automated invoicing. Customize the text message and email templates and send invoice to customers as and when you want.

Assigning tasks easily

Make assigning tasks to your team easier. Delegate better to pick-up and deliver staff as well as partnering laundries for better operations.

Optimizing activities

Pick-up and delivery activities are smarter. Use GPS based systems to guide pick-ups and deliveries over shorter routes and improvise in real time.

Tracking in real-time

Give better transparency to customers. They can track the status of the delivery or pick-up staff and see for themselves the efficient process.

Serving customers better

Let customers bid goodbye to laundry worries. Offer on demand laundry services to customers and they will be delighted and remain loyal.

Take the tech plunge today with the laundry delivery app

Customer orders with app

Let customers place orders for laundry service, choosing service options and pickup and delivery locations as per their preference.

Manage service optimally

The laundry service app accepts the order, breaks down the service request into tasks and assigns them optimally for better execution.

Arrange pickup and delivery

The on demand cleaning app rests on how efficiently the pickup and delivery is arranged to provide great customer experience.

Grow and help others grow

Add service and delivery partners to increase the reach of your laundry application and serve more customers at various locations.


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