Get Your Own Offshore Team All Under One Roof

Your Client. Your Project. Your IP.

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Partner with us

Setup an offshore micro agency with Infigic where dedicated resource(s) or a team of designers, developers, project manager, etc…, work exclusively in co-ordination with your in-house project team on your development server being managed by you or your Project Manager.

Infigic as your offshore agency partner will offer you skilled resources backed by secure development environment, state of the art infrastructure, fully white label services with development taking place on your server and you owning all the IP rights for the projects that are being executed by the resource(s) working in your micro agency.

Infigic is a specialized Indian Web Design & Web Development Outsourcing Company offering high-end website & mobile app development services. As a premier offshore Web Development Company , our endeavor has always been to bring our client projects to life by integrating next generation web technology for achieving clients’ business objectives. Hire expert web and mobile app developers and leverage your business potential.


Fully White Label Services

Our team will act as a natural extension of your own company; We will ensure that the end results are branded up as if they were your own.

Development on Your Server

All the development activities would take place on your server. This would ensure you own all the data and the IP's of all your projects.

Dedicated Resource

By using our dedicated team, you can get the top notch development talent available to you without having to invest in internal hires.

Flexible & Agile Approach

We won’t tie you into any long-term contracts. Instead, we’ll be available as and when you need us to help your clients.


Our team possess superb communication skills & is adaptable to suit your working styles. We are available on Skype, Slack, Basecamp or Trello.

Cost Advantage

With our geographical disposition being India, we have access to large pool of talent with a cost advantage. This ensures that your bottom line margins are covered and helps you to grow exponentially.