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Take your pharmacy business online with our ready to go on demand pharmacy app development solution. We at Infigic Technologies provides medicine delivery app development service for independent pharmacies, pharmacy chains and online medicine delivery startups.

Our medicine delivery app development solution will help you to easily manage your medicine delivery business online.

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Create an online pharmacy platform with our online pharmacy app development solution and help customers use technology to purchase medicines online from your pharmacy app and website. Our expert pharmacy app developers are able to create the best user friendly medicine delivery app that will make your customers’ lives easier and take your business to new level.The medicine delivery app will bring convenience and save time for your customers. They can search better and buy faster any time – no long queues at the counter anymore.

As a leading pharmacy app development company, we can build you an on-demand medicine ordering and delivery app. No matter whether you’re a single-store pharmacy, a chain of pharmacies or are simply in the final lap of understanding how to build an online pharmacy business, both you and your customers can hugely benefit by a pharmacy website and an app. The digital platform automatizes many tasks and cuts costs. And the best part is analytics can help you understand the buying patterns and improve continuously.


Our pharmacy delivery app development solutions are highly cost-effective and highly flexible. You can edit product details on the go and manage content better.

Let us build you that amazing pharma app and accelerate your business!

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Key Features of Our Medicine Delivery App Development Solution

Being medicine delivery app development company, we created our pharmacy app solution which can easily accelerate the growth of your pharmacy business.

Upload Prescription

Easily upload prescriptions, digitize them and get them reviewed by the pharmacist.

Easy Onboarding

Multiple ways to get started, including your email and social media accounts.

Easy Search

Use sorting and filters to easily search by medicine or by the contents of the medicine.

Drug Info

Get complete drug information before you place and confirm the purchase order.

Refill Prescription

Using order history, easily and swiftly re-order, without having to re-upload prescription.

Order Tracking

Track orders real-time and have alerts keep you informed about the order status.

Payments and Offers

Make payment in the mode you choose. Wide variety of options with promo codes.

Manage Profile

Manage profiles, addresses, payment details, notification settings for a better experience.

Medicine Reminder

Get detailed reminders on the time, type and dose of medicine to be taken.

Find Substitute of Medicine

With just a click, find alternatives or cheaper options to the medicines prescribed.

Categories Wise Search

Tremendously improve search within categories of various medicines and save time.



  • How Much Does It Cost To Develop A Pharmacy Delivery App?
    The pharmacy app development cost depends on your requirement and needs, It varies from feature to feature. If you’re looking for a ready to go on-demand pharmacy delivery solution then cost can be minimum, but if you’re looking for a custom solutions then you need to have a good budget. It also depends on the complexity and features that you want to have in your app. Please contact us to know more in detail.
  • How Much Time Will It Take To Develop Pharmacy Delivery App?
    The development of Pharmacy delivery and ordering solution depends on the complexity of the app. If you’re looking for custom and unique features then it will increase the development time whereas a simple ready to go delivery solution can be built within 1 to 2 months with basic features.
  • How Pharmacy Delivery Apps Makes Money ?
    The pharmacy delivery and ordering apps earn revenue by charging commissions from the partner pharmacy store based on the order placed through their pharmacy delivery platform. They also earn by delivery fee or convenience charges.The other model can be to charge partner pharmacy store for paid listings and sponsored ads to offer better reach.
  • How Does Pharmacy Delivery App Work?
    Pharmacy delivery app allows your customer to order medicines online at their availability and convenience. The customer gets the medicines delivered at their doorsteps. The pharmacy delivery and ordering platform brings pharmacy store to customers mobile phones allowing them to increase sales by building valuable customer base. Similarly, If you’re a pharmacy store or chain owner, then pharmacy delivery app can be a powerful medium to increase your sales and helps grow your pharmacy store revenue.

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