Infigic developed augmented reality app which allows users to zoom in and view any event live from anywhere.The app was created with a touch of Augmented Reality technology so users can explore anything from right outside their window all the way to the other side of the world- straight from the phone.

  • Built for
  • TecnologiesiOS|Android
  • BackendLARAVEL

Key Features

  • Live streaming of any event and beyond.
  • Sharing of any streaming video on Social Media.
  • Google Map and GPS integration.
  • Following people and requesting for a live stream.

Combination Reality Technology

e-sports is becoming a huge thing. 427 million people will be watching e-sports by 2019 with online streaming media platforms.The symbiosis of technology, sport and humans will inevitably lead to new types of sports and sport events.

The app experience becomes truly personalized! The user becomes the director of his own sports programs, he gets choose his own angle and have his very own view! You can Teleport live into any Stadium around the world packed with people who watch other people play games, which you can be part of.

The app provides the world's first Combination Reality technology that allows people and businesses to Teleport & zoom in and immerse themselves LIVE virtually anywhere in the world, to walk around and experience, interact, crowdsource, buy, and conduct commerce as if they are physically there.

Combined Reality mobile phone based technology combines elements of Augmented Reality, Global Commerce, Crowdsourcing, Augmented Search, Live Interactive Streaming, Messaging, Location Based Services and Integrated Social Networking - all blended seamlessly into a next generation mobile platform. The Teleportation Platform has disruptive and life changing applications for its Users and virtually every Business across the world. The Applications for businesses and individuals are endless.