D S Pharmacy

A convenient Pharmacy App for the largest Pharmacy store in Libya

The Client

Dat Essawary Pharmacy is a major pharmacy company in Libya, backed by over 24 years of experience and serving customers within and beyond Libya with high quality prescription and OTC drugs, medical equipment, supplies and accessories. Besides working with clinics and hospitals, they also work with private sector corporates, oil companies for smoother processing. Qualified pharmacists are also available on their hotline.

The Challenge

Dat Essawary was looking for a pharmacy app development company to build an App that would:

  • Provide a swift, secure and simple interface from where people could place and track orders.
  • Support multiple modes of communication, like voice and email.
  • Connect various ERP integrations with the App.

Only a speedy and sturdy pharmacy app development solution would match the strategic growth plans of Dat Essawary Pharmacy. Additionally, the project had to be delivered within a very short span of time. Continuously emerging requirements made Agile delivery model the right choice.

The entire project had to be carried out in sync with the existing systems and applications of Dat Essawary which involved weekly calls with D S Team to understand the complexities of every software used to appropriately get it functioning for the App as well.

Infigic’s internal processes of design and development, perfected over the years with experience and expertise, make every project delivery smooth. We can unfailingly honor commitments because we painstakingly plan out every single detail. Deliverables come out exactly as promised and the end-product grows to be a super-performer for the client.

The superior set of features and the ultra-smooth functioning of the solution has brought further recognition for Dat Essawary and reinforced its brand value as a technology-driven company.

Dat Essawary has been approached by multiple entities for strategic partnership, largely on the basis of the solution we developed.

Dat Essawary has witnessed substantial growth from this channel.

We mapped out the complete process in Trello and organized them with clear milestones that helped to manage the entire project smoothly.

DS Customer App

DS Customer App

DS Customer App

DS Driver App

Challenges Overcome

Multiple projects with emerging priorities required Agile delivery model.

Because of the variety of needs and features, it was imperative to build integrations with other tools that supported or improved the overall experience.

Major achievements

  • We could smoothly scale up the teams as the requirements grew.
  • Over 92% of our project deliveries have been satisfactorily made within time, within budget.
  • Dat Essawary Pharmacy was impressed with the overall outcome and has chosen us for additional projects.

CEO, D S Medical

Dr. Rida Alsawari

“ The efforts put up by the entire team is commendable. The transition of the project starting from the design phase to development and then Live was seamless.”