Infigic developed beacon proximity platform for a leading global telecommunications major to improve their in-store customer support and experience using the beacon platform & beacon devices.
  • Built for
  • TechnologiesiOS|Android
  • BackendLARAVEL

Key Features

  • Used send alert to main display about customer’s visit and display welcome customer message on main display.
  • Heat maps
  • Google Map and GPS integration.
  • Live Analytics of visiting customer, Monthly / daily / weekly & strong analytic report.

How it works ?

Once customer enters in the showroom, it would detect the beacon device installed in showroom and alert the system about customer’s visit. A push notification is sent to customer asking for his purpose of the visit Depending on customer’s requirement the system would send alert to agents and related agent can allot that customer to his list and visit him to solve his query.
A personalized welcome Message On Screen would be displayed with the name of the customer and his details on the screen when he meets the agent.