Infigic developed the app for a custom shoe ecommerce retail company that supplies shoes to Malaysian military. Infigic integrated the AI algorithm in the ecommerce app to help the soldiers measure their feet and get the shoes designed as per their feet size.

  • Built for
  • TechnologiesiOS|Android
  • BackendLARAVEL

    Artificial Intelligence powered Imaging Technology

  • Using the smartphone's camera, the user will capture pictures of their feet and save the digital images The user needs a A4 white piece of copy paper on a hard surface floor. Based on the image, the algorithm will generate the size of the feet all in few taps.
  • The mobile app takes advantage of image-processing technology to scan the feet and the shoe scanner uses 3D scanning technology to create a 3D models of the footwear.
  • An algorithm then runs in the background, based on more than 10,000 foot profiles and more than 1,000 physical trials, to see if a shoe fits the foot that was scanned.
  • The recommendation is done based on multiple parameters including foot dimensions, shape, size, style, design, construction and material of the footwear.

    Key Features

  • Easy Login and Registration with email & social media.
  • Products navigation from categories & subcategories.
  • Product search Best Seller, Fresh Arrivals and Trending Products Cross Sell, Up Sell and Related Product.
  • Image process technology integration Refer a friend.