Real-time Chat App Development Solutions

Infigic provides robust & scalable real-time chat app solutions for businesses. Build feature-packed advance Real-time Instant chatting & messaging solution to engage customers and enhance business productivity with our custom real-time chat app development solution.

Our expert chat app developers are proficient in providing chat app development services and custom instant messenger application that stand out in the market.

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Real-time Chat Application Development

Advantages of Real-time Chat App Solution

  • Send instant messages to other contacts using the application instantly with no additional charges.
  • Create an account easily using your existing social media account.
  • Contacts on your device’s phone book can be synced with the application.
  • Delete or block contacts as per your preference.
  • Privacy settings to control the activities you wish to share with others.

Real Time Chat Application Features

Easy Sign-In Options

Instead of having to create an all-new account, we have integrated authentication via social media profiles, which makes it easier for users of your application to login to the application using their existing Facebook, Google, or Twitter accounts.

User Registration

Customers can register by entering simple details and begin using the mobile ordering app.

Multi-Device Support

The application can be used on any device running a compatible operating system. Having multi-device support ensure that users can continue from where they left off regardless of the device they’re using. Moreover, it also becomes easier to sync data, files, and contacts, from multiple devices all within a single user account.

Create Chat Groups

Using our chat app, you can create groups and manage them easily. Chat groups help in improving coordination among teammates and can also be a medium for employees to have friendly conversations.

Share Location Data

We have integrated Google Maps directly into this application thus making it quite easy to share, find, and navigate to locations from either your mobile or any wearable device that you own.

Share Multimedia Files

The ability to share multimedia files is crucial for any real-time chat application. In our chat app, users can share multimedia files like documents, images, videos, etc. with just a few clicks.

Voice Call Support

Voice calling support built into the application makes it possible to make voice calls with any of your contact for absolutely free, provided that they also have our chat app installed on their device.

Import Contacts

Users can import all the contacts from device’s phone book to see who else from their contact book is also using the messenger and know whom they can message right now.

Instant Push Notifications

With support for instant push notifications, you get alerts about new messages and activities within the chat application. This ensures that you do not miss any important updates within the app even if you are not actively using the app. Even if you have no internet connection on your device, all the messages and updates sent to your account will be notified to you the next time your device is connected to the internet.

Enhanced Data Security Options

We have also incorporated several data security options which can be tweaked by the organization to ensure that no unauthorized personnel gains access to the chat application. Organizations can restrict account registrations to people only with a valid employee ID, can restrict the type of files that can be shared through the app, etc. to ensure that any sensitive data is not compromised.



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