Ruby on Rails Development

Ruby on Rails Development

Infigic is your trustworthy partner when it comes to creating scalable, secure and agile applications for SMEs, startups and Enterprises. We build robust solutions that go-to-the-market faster for varied domains including healthcare, media, fin-tech and more.

Leverage the power of Ruby on Rails to build scalable and secure backend system

When it comes to faster development, Ruby on Rails is unbeatable. Bundled with development tools, libraries, and patterns, the overall development process is boosted by 30%. RoR is the DNA of Infigic.  We’ve been building RoR solutions since our inception for startups and enterprises. Our development team makes sure to build apps keeping scalability and stability in mind right from the beginning. We make sure to optimize your queries and architect the system in a way that it can expand as per the product’s need. Our agile development approach helps us to respond quickly to the users feedback.

Some of the reasons to choose ROR for application development are:

Provides fast and effective application development
Create highly efficient and data-driven web applications.
Using REST & AJAX methodologies to build quality rich web applications.
Development of custom and powerful web applications.

Ruby on Rails Development Services

With our experienced Ruby on Rails development service team, we can help you build powerful, productive, and profitable websites and apps.

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How We Develop Apps Using Agile


Sprint Planning

Sprint roadmap is a collective planning effort. Team members collaborate to clarify items and ensure shared understanding.

Tech Architecture

We break monolithic apps into microservices. Decoupling the code allows teams to move faster and more independently.

Stand-ups & weekly demos

Stand ups, weekly demos, and reviews make sure everyone is on the same page and can raise their concerns.

Code reviews

Code reviews before release help detect issues like memory leaks, file leaks, performance signs, and general bad smells.

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