Shopify to Magento Migration

An ecommerce store based out of UK was looking for core customization along with an open source platform. The ecommerce store was geared only towards golfers and the company wanted to rebrand their product (and thus the entire site) from being targeted at only golfers to targeting athletes in multiple team sports such as golf, baseball, softball, lacrosse, soccer, basketball, tennis and fencing.

The new home page was supposed to speak all sports and rest would be separate niche pages for each sport under the “Sports” link at the top of the page. Infigic’s magento experts migrated their existing Shopify store to Magento commerce platform with a custom theme design.

Product’s key Benefits:

  • Designed for athletes - not daredevils. This also displays multiple sports banner to communicate that idea.
  • Designed to let you stay focused on your game. (i.e. easy to operate)
  • Wireless app enables you to review and annotate videos.
  • No extra accessories needed - everything you need is in the box.

As for ecommerce Website design, a clean and modern e-commerce home page was designed that speaks to the general benefits of the product for all sports. The existing golf-centric home page became the golf landing page, which was accessible from the "Sports" drop-down menu.

How we used our Magento expertise:

  • We designed a responsive (mobile-friendly) Magento theme that supports multi-sport landing pages accessible from the navigation. Believe us when we say the ecommerce site is blazingly fast and fully responsive.
  • We also migrated their whole content + products data from Shopify to Magento. This also included their blog posts.
  • The sport-specific niche sales pages have a "Buy Now" button that leads the prospect to product page where they can compare other products and then add the product to their cart.
  • Zendesk integration for customer support.
  • One step checkout.
  • PayPal payment gateway integration.

Used technology stack in the shopify to magento migration :

Communication with the client and the in house team was made possible through the following modes:
  • Client – Basecamp, Skype, Email
  • In-house team – Skype, Email
Development tools used during the project development:
  • Code Collaboration – Github and Bitbucket
  • Azure server – Local level implementation of the project

Trello was intensively used from the beginning to maintain the project related files, raising queries, reaching solutions and tracking the progress of the shopify to magento migration

The shopify to magento migration was successfully completed with least downtime.Get in touch with us to migrate your ecommerce store to Magento