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Social Media Marketing has indeed become a necessity to drive greater traffic & sales. We, at Infigic, provide the best social media marketing services to ensure increased traffic for your business.

Remove social media from your daily schedule

Social media channels build your brand in a powerful way. Get to the right people in desired location with our social media services. Demographic information allows tight targeting by age, interest, occupation, and geographic area. It’s never simple to maintain your brand’s social media presence. It is challenging to split hours for regular social media activates when you got other important work. Infigic has provided social media services in India as well as outside India to various brands which you can check at the portfolio section. With Infigic’s social media services, you will be able to mark your brands’ visibility in social media channels where your target customers hang out.

What’s included?

Posts – once a day, 7 days a week to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.
Promoting your brand and services to interested public.
Creating content particularly for your brand.
Unlimited email, phone and chat assistance.

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Social Media Services

Planning Goals

Planning the goals to be accomp-lished for your brand marketing.

Recognizing The Community

Finding appropriate community and recognizing their activities over the digital world.


Changes and variations for the eng-aged audience.


Understanding on how the audience reacts to your brand promotion in your business’ wider world.


We love to present improved anal-ytics of your social media channels so that you settle updated with the promotion.

Progress Report & Analytics

We offer every single aspect that improved your website’s rankings.


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