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Infigic improves outcomes and accelerates business growth of organizations the world over by designing and implementing digital solutions and technology services. Startups, agencies and enterprises bank upon and benefit from Infigic’s Global Inhouse Centre (GIC) model to slash costs, streamline operations and do better.










app development

Mobile app development services that build productive, user-friendly apps. As a top mobile development company,our expertise lies in crafting powerful, yet compact mobile apps.


eCommerce is all about having a plan & strategic solution to sell online and fulfilling your target from objectives. As a leading company we develop your store using latest technologies with a professional ecommerce development team.

web development

Web application experts in creating custom solutions. Building web tools that engage visitors at a deeper level with a richer experience is something we are really good at. We explained your business digitally all the way through a website.

iBeacon solutions

Profit from proximity sensing that serves customers at a different level. Why not have us design you Beacon solutions to take the in-store experience to a new high?

IOT solutions

Connecting isolated devices into one large, smooth-performing system. Our Internet of Things (IoT) experts create newer possibilities for smarter performance.

cloud computing solutions

Cloud computing for small startups to multinationals organizations. Let us help you leverage the cloud to create better, scalable assets faster, at substantially lower costs.

Big Data Solutions

Making business sense out of tons of data for swifter, informed decisions. We help our customers milk big data for everything from data storage to predictive analysis.


Startup Offering

Our experience with over 100+ startups lets us serve each in their own unique way.

Enterprise Solutions

Huge businesses have unique needs and our experts are all geared to serve the biggies.

Developer as Service

No need to hire entire teams – choose from our expert developers for a part of your project.

Latest Projects


BEACON proximity platform for a leading global telecomm-unications to improve instore customer support and exp-erience using the beacon platform & beacon devices.


MYJOOTA app is a custom shoe ecommerce retail compa-ny that supplies shoes to Malaysian military to help the soldiers measure their feet and get the shoes designed as per their feet size.


INVVADE augmented reality app allows the users to zoom in and view any event live from anywhere and also allow users to explore anything from right outside their window all the way to the other side of the world straight from the phone.


SWEETIST is an online ordering system for bakeries founded in New York with one remarkable idea that people should have convenient access to all the available great desserts in their city!